Thursday, July 3, 2008

hello again

Well I was right. I forgot about this thing. I came to blogspot to look for my kids blog and what do you know here it is.

I have a lot of things I've written here and there and rather than keep them on the wordpress blog my web host gives me I am going to move them here. What the heck let someone else manage the back end.

The things I've written are ramblings that I wrote about as a sort of therapy, during a tough time in my life. They may sound like whining, but most of it is really great frustration in understanding the people out there in the neurotypical world.

Many times, when someone says "I can't/won't because of xyz "and I come up with a remedy for xyz, then a different reason is given. With the logical literal thinking that some people with Aspergers have (including me), we don't pick up on the real reason, someone can't /won't do something is just that they really don't want to. (one of those Just Because things). Personally I wish they'd say Just Because! I may not like it and ask why a few times, but it would save a lot of headache for both of us. Anyway, you'll see what I mean

So give me a little time and I'll move them over. In the meantime head on over to and have some fun.


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