Saturday, October 25, 2008

School problems never end

Once again, I have had problems getting the educational system to understand that Aspergers is truly a disability. Heck, that it actually exists, but that it isn't the end of the world and that we all have very special gifts.

Our first dealings were with a charter school with a self important blowhard of a principle who didn't like anyone to question him. He was more interested in being right than in what was best for the kids. Sounds like some of my in laws. After leaving there, (not our choice, but he said it was), we were lucky enough to find Kaplan Virtual Education.

The kids actually do go to school 2-3 days a week, but work at their own pace (within guidelines) in front of a computer. The other 2-3 days they work from home. I think it teaches them to be responsible. The school is "open" year round but has regularly defined semesters. The summer part is for kids who get behind or I guess who want to take more courses.

We were worried about socialization at first, but since all the kids in his "school" ride the same bus home, they interact there, at lunch and at some regular class room situations. They have a suite of rooms within a regular public magnet school, so they can attend social functions with the magnet school kids.

Some of these kids have been home schooled so they are at a different level than kids their own age. This is also available for kids who want classes that the regular public schools can't offer, or who just don't do well in a typical classroom. Like mine. He has a problem with kids who don't want to learn as much as he does. It annoys and distracts him when the kids disrupt the class, even with normal kids stuff. He's doing quite well and is very motivated.

Learn something new everyday

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