Saturday, March 16, 2013


Templates can be good sometimes.  I use one on my web site so that all the 118 plus pages are the same and the menu buttons that took me forever to learn how to code show up consistently from page to page.  I use a very simple template on this blog because that's all Google had when I started it.  They have so many other options now.  Today, I changed the font.  I like fonts.  I have over 5000 on my computer.  I don't use them often.

The font here is called "Coming Soon".  If I compose the post with notes on my iPad and then copy it here, it comes out larger and more of a comic sans type font.  I am not sure which I like best.  I am also getting to the age where I sometimes see better without my glasses.  This is annoying if only because the dang things are not cheap.

Anyway, if anyone finds this font hard to read, please, please let me know.  Use the comment link.  I'll get it.  Promise!


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