Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well Hello

I’ve been spending way too much time redesigning Bouncing off the wall. and have neglected this place. From the statistics, it seems folks have been here. That’s nice to know. I have run into several families who have or think they have kids with Aspergers, so I have been able to help them with support if not answers to some of their questions.

An update since last time. My granddaughter was born in October 2006 and she is cute and healthy and laughs a lot. She has her father’s charming ways. She’ll probably have her mother’s brains. But that’s the grandmother pride you know

Also I was able to go to court and officially change my name to Tiggerr. Heck how would you like being named after a song. Imagine if you will, if you were named Hymn, or Ballad or Folk. maybe Tune. I had a boss once who tried to make me stop calling myself Tiggerr using the rationale that it wasn’t on my birth certificate. I told him that Jim wasn’t on his either. His mother had named him James. And besides a Gym was someplace you went to sweat.

Bosses don’t like it when you do that.

So head over to and read some of my mail play with the trivia stuff and have a good time, I’m going to take a nap

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