Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Court Decision

While surfing around I found a web page that decided for the parents ( a rarity I am told) in the quest for a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment that is guaranteed by federal law in the US for all kids with disabilities. This happened in my own state and home town of St. Louis, MO Here is the link

The schools listed Parkway and Henry are free public schools

Apprende is a private school with extremely reasonable tuition (less than $100/week in 2008.

Metropolitan is a specialized special ed school for kids with aspergers, Bipolar ADHD etc and has what I consider an exorbitant tuition for this area of 19,000 and as of this year few opportunities for financial aid. I’ve either looked into it my self or folks who have come to me via my foundation have informed me of this. trust me.

It was nice to see the kids get what they are entitled to. It’s time people realize that today’s kids are our future. They should be handled with Care

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