Friday, June 17, 2005

Starting Over

After a few days and lots of tears, I revamped my site, registered my own domain name and started over. I decided to make it a kid friendly site for the kids at the new school. It would be full of learning aids, games, puzzles, computer information and other fun things for kids. When I emailed this news to our principal, she sounded delighted. She said it sounded like a great idea, and would place an announcement in her regular weekly note. She also promised a link to my site on the schools new site.

Things looked up. Now I could do my own thing and not have to answer to anyone. What I was thinking at the time, was that I could make it as colorful as I wanted to. I had previously been asked to tone down the background of one of the pages. Something I did immediately without question at the time. Now I wouldn’t have to. I could also provide information about things I felt my visitors wanted and supplement what the school’s site didn’t offer or couldn’t offer given the constraints of time, or space.

On the last day of school, I came up to school. The principle’s weekly note had come out, but there was no mention of my new web site design. When I asked her about it, I got a mumbled and not very convincing “Yeah I forgot.” I was hurt. That was the last note of the year. Now how was I going to get the word out.

I decided to put a notice in the church bulletins. When that Sunday came, Mine was mentioned on our bulletin. I came home to check the web site of the other school ( their bulletin was the only current thing on their site at the moment.) I was really pleased to see not only my information but a large banner and an enhanced announcement. Then I checked my own churches site. Where my announcement was in the paper bulletin was a blank white space. I scoured the whole thing. It was nowhere to be seen. That jerk had not only taken the site away from me, but he was now also censoring the bulletin of my own church to leave my site out. Letters to the new pastor were useless. He claimed to have no control over the site. Who the heck was running the show over there, and why wouldn’t someone tell me why they were doing this.

Looking back I realize now how much this consumed me. It made no logical sense and violated all rules of the "do unto others" that we all hold so dear. What happened to acting like good Christians. I just didn't and still don't understand. Hidden or even not so hidden agendas are foreign to me. Maybe that's why I like computers so much. They responde (for the most part) in expected ways, they don't ridicule you or do things out of pure spite. They are like I am-- WYSIWYG

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