Monday, November 24, 2008

Katie's Birthday

It's Katie's Birthday. My youngest daughter turns 11 today.

For most of her life Katie has talked like Sponge Bob. Seriously. She always sounded like a cartoon. Silly and very fast. Don't let anyone tell you that girl's voices don't change. She still talks fast, but the things she says are astounding. Sometimes they are just words. Other time complete sentences. But always out of character or totally new and unexpected.

We were having game night recently and she and her brother were clobbering us in Stars Wars Trivia. When Mike answered one correctly, she piped out, "The clueless dude gets one." Now Katie adores her father and we joke and kid around a lot here, but to hear Sponge Bob say this in a teenager's voice was totally unexpected.

Last week instead of answering with the word, "Right", she said "Precisely what I was thinking!" Whoa. Who is this kid. This is the kid who still has trouble writing in cursive. The kid who still names her stuffed animals and insists she knows what they are thinking. She will write a letter to Santa this year too.

Who is this kid and what has she done with my baby.?

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